Summer Semester 2022


We offer the following lectures, seminars, and lab projects.


Lecture on basic principles, requirements, and methods of sensor data processing. Since data are more often gathered by networked sensor systems, this lecture places particular emphasis on distributed sensor data fusion methods that can be applied in sensor networks.

Lab project on object localization in a camera network. Distrbuted sensor fusion methods are implemented to track objects with distributed cameras.

Lab project on extended-object tracking with event cameras. New algorithms are developed to estimate pose and shape of an extended object using asynchronous measurements.

Scientific Seminar on estimation and secure sensor data processing.  Different overview articles on methods and applications are studied and presented.

Seminar on convex optimization, which is an essential tool in robotics, machine learning, statistics and other disciplines.

Seminar on modern estimation methods for autonomous systems. This seminar deepens the topics of the lecture Estimation for Autonomous Mobile Robots.

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